The Emerging Challenges For Speedy Programs In Online Fashion

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"Every day we get to introduce many customers who've never tried VR goggles to simply amazing virtual reality experiences. Brookstone stores are all about delivering new and exciting experiences." "The ability to demo products in stores is what sets Brookstone apart as a major retail partner," said ReTrak CEO Scott Ledbetter. "Virtual and augmented reality are gaining traction at a rapid rate," says Ledbetter. "Giving customers the opportunity to look, touch and understand the 360 experience for the first time is significant." Brookstone first began carrying ReTrak headsets during the holiday season in 2016, and our customers have responded enthusiastically. Early readings and talking with our customers let Brookstone know that they had a winning product in a growing category. "Our goal is to showcase VR to mainstream mall customers in as entertaining a way as possible," said Smith. "That's why we've loaded digital devices in all our stores with both VR adventure apps and relaxation apps that can be worn to enhance massage chairs demos. Where else but Brookstone could you imagine being able to sit in a massage chair and view VR ocean and mountain scenes." Designed to work with smartphones, the Utopia 360 line truly makes VR accessible for all. Hundreds of apps are available at the Apple App Store and Google Play, with more becoming available every week.

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